Tech Support, Security & Training

donofrio-creative-ethan-donofrio-paul-otellini-intelI built my first computer when I was 12.

I was hired when I was 13 to build computers every day after school.  I didn’t ask about child labor laws.

Since then I have personally built and repaired thousands of computers.  In fact, I built and repaired so many computers (TENS of thousands) that I had to hire a team of technicians and engineers to keep up with demand.  At one point, I ran the fastest growing computer manufacturing department in the state of Washington, or so Microsoft said.

Since then I have implemented countless networks, servers, phone systems and so forth.  I have helped little old ladies set up their email and remove viruses, and I have designed million-dollar data centers for universities, casinos, and the like.

In short, I’m an expert.


I provide professional technical services in the following areas:

►Computer purchasing: assistance making solid buying decisions with complicated information

►Computer repairs and upgrades: laptop, desktop, phone

►Virus and malware removal and management

►Computer training: personal one on one, or classroom style

►Remote support: I can provide assistance for many technical issues remotely as long as an internet connection is available

►Data backup, recovery and security: I can recover lost files, assist in backup planning and implementation, and advise on proper security protocols

►Home A/V systems: home entertainment / TV / audio

►Video surveillance systems: consultation, installation, setup and training

►Networking: from small home offices to multi-location infrastructure

►VoIP telephone systems

Consulting and project management

Websites and online strategy


I charge $60/hr for most residential services and $75 – $125/hr for most business services.

Initial phone consultations are always free.

If you demand excellence and want the best, call me today to discuss your needs.