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Making Your Computer Last – Part 1

Have you ever noticed how your computer seems to get slower and slower over time, and develop more and more problems as you use it? For most computer users, this is the common experience.  We buy a computer, it runs like lightning for a while, then it starts to slow down.  And within a couple of years, it seems like it has to grind away to get anything done at all. So why is this?  And what can you do about it? Well, there are a number of reasons for this and there are some things you can do to help (and some things you can do that SEEM like they might help, and actually make things WORSE – I’ll come back to this.) When you get a new computer, it’s usually not too cluttered up with garbage files.  I say not “too” cluttered up because every major computer manufacturer [...]

June 24th, 2016|

Can How You Feel About Your Technology Affect Its Function?

Turns Out it Can. And now for something completely different. A while back, an experiment was performed at Princeton that proved that our thoughts can actually affect electronic devices. Sound crazy? It turns out there’s solid evidence to support the claim, and scientists are just starting to unravel the complex world of quantum mechanics. Now I’m not going to attempt to explain quantum mechanics in my weekly newsletter, but suffice it to say; the field is absolutely fascinating and reveals some amazing truths about the universe we live in.  It’s definitely worth taking some time to dig into. So anyway, back to the experiment - They started by putting a robot that was programmed to move around completely randomly into an enclosed rectangular area.  It would move forward a bit, pick a random degree to turn, make the turn, then travel forward some more and repeat the process.  The pattern [...]

June 3rd, 2016|

Is Your Data Backed Up?

What would happen if you lost everything on your computer? It’s not fun – let me tell you. Fortunately I haven’t had this experience for a LONG time but I’ve certainly seen it happen to others more times than I can count. And it’s never a pretty sight. A lot of people I know don’t really keep anything on their computer anymore – they just use it to access the internet.  In that case, it’s not the end of the world if a hard drive crashes. But what about the rest of us who do have important stuff on our computers?  Documents, pictures, movies… And what exactly can you back up? Here’s some basic backup information; First – I always tell people; if you have anything important saved on a hard drive, you’d better be darn sure it’s saved somewhere else too – I can’t tell you how many hard [...]

June 2nd, 2016|

Surprise! You’ve got Windows 10!

My dad called me the other day to tell me that when he booted up his computer in the morning – SURPRISE!  He now had Windows 10. Say what?! Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. I’ve actually heard this story from several people now – they get up from their computer, and return to it installing Windows 10 “for them”… without them even asking for it! Yes, it’s true – Microsoft has changed the way Windows 10 is being pushed out to the masses and now scores of people are having Windows 10 jammed down their throats. Now for people who were running Windows 8 previously, I’m not sure I’d complain.  Let’s face it – Windows 8 was a STINKER.  This may be the best thing that’s happened to your computer since you got it. But for those of us fortunate enough to be happily chugging along with Windows 7, [...]

May 20th, 2016|

How to Quintuple the Speed of Your Computer With One Simple Upgrade

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking about keeping your computer safe from viruses and spyware.  This week, I’m going to tell you about a simple upgrade you can make to your computer  that will fundamentally improve your experience. But before I jump into that, I want to back up for a minute and answer a question that I’ve been getting a lot lately: “What exactly IS spyware?  And how is it different than a virus?”  [Scroll down if you don't care ☺] I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, because, to be honest, it’s less important you understand what it is, and more important that you’re staying safe by way of the methods I’ve been discussing. Basically, spyware (or malware, or adware, or whatever you want to call it) is software that gets installed on your computer (usually without your knowledge) that does all [...]

May 5th, 2016|

Keepin’ It Safe in World of Malicious Software

Last week I sent out an email about computer security.  This week I’d like to follow that up with some additional information. I received a lot of great feedback from the last email so I’m going to address some questions and comments that came in. The first question that came up is, “How do I uninstall a program?” Every version of Windows is slightly different, but you should be able to get to your programs list by going to the Start menu, then typing in “Add or Remove” in the search box – you should see the option “Add or Remove Programs” pop up.  Click on this and you’ll be taken to a screen that shows every program that’s installed on your computer.  If you have trouble finding this, just let me know and I’ll help out.  From this list, you can select individual programs and choose “Uninstall” to start [...]

April 29th, 2016|