About Us

D’Onofrio Creative consists of husband and wife team Ethan and Shannon McGuire D’Onofrio.


When Ethan was twelve, he found himself enthralled with the power and promise of technology.

Not having enough money to go out and buy a fancy store-bought computer, he undertook to build his first PC himself.

That was the diving board.  And into the deep end he dove.

Since then, Ethan has been fully immersed in the world of technology, successfully applying it to real-world problems in every conceivable way.

For over 20 years, Ethan has been helping individuals and businesses come to more peaceable, and indeed profitable relationships with their technology.

Ethan-1From two decades of experience it has become blatantly clear that while most people use, tolerate, and even appreciate their technology, they also approach it with fear, confusion and ultimately, dissatisfaction.

As a sad testament to this, our landfills are burgeoning with technology that, for one reason or another, has become unusable by its previous owner.  In most cases however, the failure wasn’t with the technology at all, rather with it’s use model.

Imagine buying a new luxury car and then never changing the oil.  Invariably, that car is going to end up in the scrap heap, despite the inherent value of it. Technology is no different.  And yet our dissatisfaction with it never seems to end, in large part because it is misunderstood.

But beyond this general maintenance requirement of technology, a far greater loss comes from its underutilization from the masses.  It is in the hands of people who understand how to use, integrate and optimize their technology that $millions are made.

Just look around.  There are businesses, and indeed individuals all over the planet making HUGE profits by simply applying technology to their benefit.

It’s not rocket science.

But it is complicated.  And it does require skill, patience, education, experience and creativity.

Ethan’s philosophy is that technology is here to serve humanity.

In the coming decades, our fusion with technology will only further highlight the need for a harmonious relationship with that which we now struggle so frivolously with.

If we are to achieve greatness as a species, as communities, as businesses, and as individuals, we must master the tools of our time.


Shan-1Shannon sees possibility where others see only dust and tumbleweeds.

Her mantra is; if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.

As such, Shannon brings with her the passion and faith required to bring any project to it’s fullest bloom.

Her aesthetic eye is unparalleled (she ran a large-scale photo lab for many years) and her ability to see and design works of magnificence are remarkable.

Nobody sees possibility like Shannon does.


Between Shannon’s extraordinary vision and Ethan’s incremental approach of breaking down large projects into “bite size” pieces, the two have achieved tremendous success across an exceptionally wide array of undertakings, and have helped countless individuals and organizations achieve the same.

Shannon and Ethan have chosen not to specialize in any single field, with the understanding that success is generally achieved through the fusion of interdisciplinary components coming together in a holistic model.  While expertise is certainly required in each of the areas being brought together, great results always come from a convergence of the many components which make up the whole.

In essence, we are specialists in achieving results, and our resources and skills are plentiful.

We don’t suffer from the common problem of more single-minded ventures where “to a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”, nor do we try and fit round pegs in square holes.  We find and apply appropriate solutions to problems, whatever they may be.  

And we’re exceptionally good at it.


We currently reside on the Big Island of Hawaii and offer services to businesses and individuals both here and abroad. 


To learn more about us and the services we offer, call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and confirm that we’re a good fit for you.